A light watch will add lightness to your life

2017-01-31 01:08:40

Did you know that all SLIM MADE watches (excl. those with metal bands) weight only 38 grams?! It’s certainly a super light watch and you will basically not feel it on your wrist.

But why is that so important to us?

We think life can be quite challenging sometimes and there are a lot of things that are pulling your down. If you are wearing having stuff that will pull you down even more and make your feel heavy. The lightweight SLIM MADE watch will help you to keep your balance and each time you look at it, it will remind you to take things easy. Just think of the best moments of your life: They have always been very lighthearted and unconditional, no? – like floating in the air. Your feather light wristwatch will represent exactly these moments! So you can always get these times back when you are in the right mind set.

Let’s start today to float again and be slim!

Your SLIM MADE team


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