slim made one - 1-01

slim made one – 1-01

One Hand, Silver Case, Silver Dial, Blue Leather

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The experts from WATCHGUIDE tested our watches very much into detail and were overwhelmed by our amazing price value ratio. Here is the entire review. Definitely a good read and we are proud of the result!

Product Description

The first of the three new onehand watches from slim made is based on the design of the slim made one 02. However, with blue leather strap instead of black.

Based on the slim made concept we created a product that is your ideal companion to make your journey through time truly slim.

  1. Super slim (of course!):
    By optimizing every component and production process we managed to get the case of this extra light wrist watch only 7 mm thin, so it will perfectly wrap around your wrist and you won’t get stuck anywhere.
  2. Light weight:
    Even though the watch is made of durable stainless steel, it only weights 38 grams; so you will hardly feel it when you wear it. That’s exactly how a good product should be!
  3. Smooth:
    The shapes just flow! The edges are perfectly smoothened and we are even using slightly domed glass. It gives the watch an amazing touch and of course it’s great to look at, too.
  4. Simple:
    What a clean but distinctive design! We applied a nicely reduced design that only focuses on the essential and gave it some nicely little twists like the colored second hand, 6 o’clock index or the back of the leather straps.
  5. Comfortable:
    To develop the ideal watch for you guys, we picked the finest and softest leather straps you can find. As if that’s not enough we custom made a fantastically rounded buckle to create a timepiece that you will never want to take it off again.


Technical information


  • Made of durable 316L stainless steel
  • Slimness: 7 mm, width: 40 mm, length 48mm
  • 50 metres water resistant
  • Slightly domed hardened mineral glass
  • The complete watch weights only 38 grams


  • Japanese Quartz: Miyota 9T33
  • Extra slim construction, ideal for an extra thin wrist watch
  • Completely made of metal to ensure best reliability and precision
  • Battery: SONY SR616SW Silver Oxide 1.55V (exchange in every watch shop)


  • Silver background with anthracite details
  • Hour hand in anthracite
  • Apart from the logo nothing else that could distract you


  • Finest Italian calf leather in blue with petrol-blue lining
  • 20 mm width, tapered to 18 mm
  • Customised stainless steel buckle for optimised smooth fit
  • Fits on wrists from 140 mm to 205 mm circumference


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Quality work plus unique styling. - Christopher

    This watch is making me rethink my relationship to time. As someone who has been somewhat "time obsessed," the single hand is making me slow down and become more mindful. I would love to see more single-handed styles in the future. Also, having owned several slim watches from another company that no longer makes this kind of product (none of my watches from them are functional anymore--so much for a "lifetime guarantee"], I am happy to see someone making quality, thin watches at this price point.
  2. 5 out of 5

    Best thin watch out there - tom

    Love this watch and the strap was a nice surprise. The watch is really thin and because the way the back is beveled, it looks even thinner. Even the band is super thin and pliable! Long sleeve cuffs slid right over it. Others notice this watch and ask who makes it, seeing that it has no label. I tell them that I had "one" custom "made slim" by a watchmaker in Germany and didn't want anything extra on the face. I tell them to google "slim made watch" if they want to get one. How much, they ask - I tell them it depends on what options they choose. How much was yours, they ask. ...Less than you might

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