Starting today, the world will be a little bit slimmer

2016-10-17 05:33:18

Of course that does not mean that all of you will loose a few kilos around your waists over night. It means that we are going to establish a new mind-set: to live slim!

Getting rid of all the ballast that is pulling you down. Focus only on the essential stuff – like a light and slim watch that will accompany you where ever you. You certainly don’t need more watch than this. It got every thing you will ever require.

If you want to read more about how we developed the slim made idea when we were travelling around the world or moved flats check out THE BRAND.

The launch collection consists of 10 stunning model with different colours and straps. To keep everything as simple as possible, all models come at the same slim price. So selecting your favourite will be super easy.

By the way: We manage to offer a watch with such high level specifications (doomed glass, 50 metres water resistant, finest Italian leather straps, full metal movement, plated case back,…) at such a price because we sell to you directly, with no middle men in-between.

Why don’t you check out a few models right now?! How about SLIM MADE ONE 10 with gold case and blue leather band? Or SLIM MADE ONE 01 with silver metal band?

11 - slim made one 10 - thin wrist watch in gold with blue leather band - side 211 - slim made one 08 - thin wrist watch in black with black leather band - side 211 - slim made one 05 - thin wrist watch in silver with anthracite leather band - side 2

But of course it’s all up to you decide which one is right for you. In our SHOP you find all styles at a glance.

Enjoy browsing through them. And in case you have any questions, just get in touch with us via CONTACT!


Have a slim day,

Your slim made-team

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